About us

Amy Howard, Deimante Prišmantaite and Elaine Thomas met in 2006 whilst studying on the MFA Choreography course at Roehamtpon University. At this time it became clear that all three women shared an interest in exploring the boundaries of the ‘performance space’ and the role of ‘the audience’ when creating contemporary dance pieces. They emerged from University with a desire to do something extraordinary. Faced with the challenges of establishing themselves in the world of contemporary dance, they created Collaborative Dance Experience (CDE) in September 2009 to provide a unique platform for their own work.

CDE aims

• To produce events that highlight choreography projects by Amy, Deima and Elaine. 

• To acknowledging the importance of collaborating with other artists and musicians to make satisfying and exciting experiences for dance and arts audiences. 

• To produce collaborative contemporary dance events in unusual, exciting spaces where audiences can interact with dance in unique ways.