Thus in the crossing

Practice, Process and Paradox: Creativity and the Academy

11th April 2013, 5.30pm

The Portrait Room,

Froebel College,

Roehampton University,

London. SW15 5PU

Thus in the crossing is a collaboration in development between poet, Alison Gibb and choreographer Elaine Thomas. Our project aim is to explore a poetics of writing a space for performance. By focusing on our shared approaches of critical thinking and processes of making, the performance illustrates and presents relationships between language and gesture, movement and sound, and of passing through, overlapping and crossing, as ways to create a space for an experience of poetics.

Thus in the crossing, text is created in parallel to the choreography, which combines live poetry performance with sound recording to create multiple sounds and language expressions. The piece is shown as part of a performative essay on the concept of Performative Poetics: where poetic activity, movement and transformation are explored as collaborative forces, contributing to a wider dialogue on what an experience of poetics can be and how it can be realised through making.

The completed work will be shown at Epoetry Festival hosted by Kingston University 17-20th June 2013

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